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What is Intuitive Massage?

Intuitive Massage Services

Intuitive Massage is a rejuvenating journey for both body and soul. The use of coconut oil not only enhances the sensory experience but also adds therapeutic benefits. Intuitive practices and movement is a personalised approach tailored to each individual’s needs and energy flow. By focusing on releasing stagnant energy, the massage aims to restore balance and promote a sense of vitality. The intentional touch and connection fostered during the session can facilitate deep relaxation, emotional release, and a profound sense of being present in one’s body. A truly nourishing experience for holistic well-being.

My Vision

Embracing Holistic Well-being

Nurture your well-being with my intuitive massage expertise.

At Polynesian Essence, I am dedicated to providing holistic healing through full-body intuitive massage.  My goal is to create a serene space where my clients can experience deep relaxation and rejuvenation.

I am committed to tailoring each session to address the individual needs of my clients, promoting overall well-being and harmony.

My Commitment

Why Polynesian Essence?

Integrating various massage techniques with a holistic approach is a comprehensive way to address your overall well-being. By considering not just the physical aspects but also mental, emotional, and spiritual elements, offering a more complete experience to my clients. Incorporating practices like focusing on energy centres, breathing, meditation, and visualisation to deepen the therapeutic effects of the massage session, promoting relaxation, stress relief, and perhaps even a sense of spiritual connection or balance. It’s a wonderful approach that acknowledges the interconnectedness of mind, body, and spirit in wellness.

Personalised Sessions

Tailored massages to meet your unique needs, promoting holistic healing and well-being.

Serene Environment

Step into a peaceful sanctuary where tranquility and relaxation await.

Experienced Therapist

Patsy blends expertise with intuition for a transformative massage experience

Client-Centric Approach

Your comfort and satisfaction are at the heart of every massage session.

Do you want to be free?

Let your journey begin at Polynesian Essence


what they say about Me?

Explore the impact of intuitive massage through my clients’ experiences.

The first thing you notice when you begin your session with Patsy is the moment when you walk into her clinic room. The ambience is just breathtaking. Quiet, luxurious, calm and welcoming. Patsy is just an incredible healer who manages to combine counselling, reiki and massage into a beautiful treatment session that unlocks so much more than you can ever feel. Patsy works with you in such a warm way, that you don’t even realise you are healing and releasing emotions you had stored as pain. Patsy is gentle and thorough in her sessions and you don’t feel taken advantage of. You definitely get more for your investment. Patsy has been able to remove generational emotions I’ve had stored and released triggers from within my body that manifested as migraines and muscle tension. You will never have another massage after Patsy - you have your own massage lady now

Claire B

I have had 3 massages with Patsy over a period of 4 months. Every time I have gone in with pain and tension in a different part of my body (sometimes long-term pain). Patsy was able to intuit the problem area exactly every time before I even told her! Even more fascinating was that after every session the pain was no longer there and has not come back since. I feel Patsy is a genuinely caring and intuitive person with a big heart and strong hands. That's why I'll be coming back again, thank you, Patsy!

Anita A

Just wanted to Thankyou for fixing me again!!!! I’ve had a massive week and another big day yesterday, other than general soreness I feel great, I’m not in any pain!!!

I wouldn’t have been able to get everything done this week without your healing hands! I’m very grateful.

Colin B

Patsy is amazing, plain and simple! Patsy is very lovely, caring, understanding and professional. She has an intuitive and experienced ability to know where the body is feeling pain and stress and how to then promote them to leave. I have never had massages that have actually yielded consistent and significant effects, especially days and weeks later. I would highly and wholeheartedly recommend Patsy - Thank you, Patsy!

Roshan K

Patsy has an amazing capacity to detect pain, both physical and emotion that is connected to the body. The free feeling after a healing massage is amazing, and is my preferred massage therapist. Thank you, Patsy.

Anil K